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Chemwing R&D center, located in Pudong area with more than 1,000 square meters, collaborated with Fudan University, National key laboratory of East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai organic chemistry institute of China Academy of Sciences for high efficiency and low cost of new products.

Now the available resources cover the whole products preliminary research, medium-term sample preparation, confirmation and the final production process in kilograms degree and certificated analysis. The research center has analytical equipments such as NMR,HPLC,GC,GC-MS,FTIR,UV spectrum etc.


Chemwing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, located in Jinqiao export processing zones of Pudong area in Shanghai city is an enterprise based in Shanghai but reaching the global markets in chemical and medical trading area and production and processing area.

Chemwing is focused on sales, R&D, production and custom synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, and fine chemicals and provides the best chemical and medical products for the customers. So far, we have stable production and markets of dozens of products in more than 20 counties and regions including Europe, India, North America, South America and Southeast of Asia with high reliability of our customers.

Our advantage

1) Production: More than 20,000 square meters’ manufacturing base, production ability from grams to tons

2) Products: Strictly according to GB/T19001-ISO9001 standard, in line with Europe and America quality.

3) Price: Low cost for competitive factory price and more benefit for customers.

4) Service: Cohesive, innovative and professional team for the best quality and thoughtful service. 

Production Base

There are several production bases locating in different provinces with more than 20,000 square meters of area in total dedicated for Chemwing. The production bases composed of several big enterprises with broadly chemical and medical experience are comprehensive bases in China.  

There are nearly 80 sets of glass steel and stainless steel reactors with about 100,000 liters volume which could meet various conditions.

We have 8 sets of rectification columns under normal pressure and reduced pressure which are fit for various compounds’ separation.

We especially have advantages in the process of hydrogenation, reduction, oxidation, Grignard reaction, nitration, esterification, sulfonation, polymerization, etc.

The production bases also owns various analytical equipments such as HPLC, GC, Titration, etc which efficiently enhance the product quality.


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